St. Thomas Aquinas, The Angelic Doctor

And you thought we were just being metaphorical!
We published a post on St. Thomas Aquinas last year (see HERE) but what can we say, we love St. Thomas so we decided to share a few more images and reflections!

St. Thomas looks kind of serious in this painting–even dour–but his writings are shining radiantly.
When St. Thomas was a young friar, his mother and brothers kidnapped him and forced him to live away from his Dominican brothers while they tried to convince him to choose another vocation. When his brothers sent in a woman of questionable virtue to tempt him, Thomas drove her out, and then, according to legend, he was girded with a special cord by the angels. This helped him live a life of perfect chastity. He never mentioned this episode himself but he is still a good one to pray for if you have trouble with chastity! (And it makes a great scene for artists to depict…)
Another representation of the episode in which St. Thomas heard the voice of Christ coming from the crucifix, \”You have written well of me, Thomas. What do you ask?\” And Thomas replied, \”Only Yourself, Lord.\” 
To sum up: \”The new law of Christ is nothing other than the Holy Spirit working in our hearts through faith in Christ.\” (St. Thomas Aquinas, ST I-II, q.106)

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