St. Catherine de Ricci

 St. Catherine de Ricci was a Dominican sister, a reformer who also merited to bear the marks of the stigmata. She was well known in her own lifetime and beyond for her meditations on the Passion of Christ and her letters, which were written to famous men and women of her time as well as saints, including St. Philip Neri, St. Charles Borromeo, and St. Mary Magdalene de Pazzi. In one of her letters she wrote, \”My dearest son, let us so strive that we may run and obtain that desired reward…We live in a time in which running and taking a stand is more than we are used to doing. Considering the height of the mystery of our redemption which is presented to us in these days, how much more should we stand firm and persevere!\” Catherine was a true mystic, filled with the wonder of God\’s love for His people and yet intensely practical and down to earth. May St. Catherine de Ricci intercede for us all as we run the race and stand firm to persevere!

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