Presentation of the Lord

The Presentation of the Lord in the temple is a beautiful feast. Christ appears to us as a shining light to the nations, the glory of His people Israel, as we process to the church with our lighted candles. However, as Blessed John Paul II reminds us, this feast is also about Christ as a sign of contradiction. In his spiritual exercises presented to Pope Paul VI (in 1977, when he was still known as Karol Wojtyla), the Pope wrote, \”The times in which we are living provide particularly strong confirmation of the truth of what Simeon said: Jesus is both the light that shines for mankind and at the same time a sign of contradiction. If now…Jesus Christ is once again revealing himself to men as the light of the world, has he not also become at one and the same time that sign which, more than ever, men are resolved to oppose?\” This message rings even more true for us today in a world in which consecrated men and women (and Christians in general) are increasingly seen as a sign of contradiction, even as a threat, to the status quo. Let us truly follow Christ, whatever the cost, and shine like lights in the world!

Our novice, Sr. Bernadette Marie, celebrates the anniversary of her clothing today! You can see our post about this event HERE. Please pray for more vocations to the religious life!

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