Happy 80th Birthday, Sister Mary Annunciata!

We do celebrate birthdays in the monastery…very quietly…not like we celebrate feast days and other special days! Usually you just get a chorus of \”Happy Birthday to You\” at the end of recreation in honor of your day. But when you reach 80, we figure it\’s time for a more spectacular celebration. And this is just what happened last night for Sister Mary Annunciata\’s 80th birthday!

Sister Mary Dominic lights the candles…
A real blast for her 80th birthday!
Blowing out the candles…actually, she couldn\’t, because someone used those candles you can\’t blow out! We had to put them under water to extinguish them!
Sister had two cakes. One was a gift from friends and the other was made by Sr. Bernadette Marie. Both were delicious, especially when accompanied by ice cream!
After all, you\’re only 80 once! Enjoy!
We wish Sr. Mary Annunciata many, MANY more years and good health to go with them! Hopefully next month we will bring you another birthday…this time someone who will be 90!

2 thoughts on “Happy 80th Birthday, Sister Mary Annunciata!”

  1. happy birthday Sister! Even if I live in France, I regurlarly visit your blog, as 2 other blogs: Dominican sisters of Summit (I think you actually have 3 of their sisters in formation?) and Passionist nuns of Whitesville, Kentucky. So, excuse me fot the mistakes, but english is not my maternal languageGod bless you


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