Monastic Theological Studies Program 2012: The First Week

We just finished a amazing first week of the 2012 edition of the Monastic Theological Studies Program! This first week was devoted to the study of patristics (the Fathers of the Church) under the able guidance of Professor Noel Pretila from St. Louis University.

Professor Pretila gave a (literally) animated series of lectures, using PowerPoint to help explain the concepts. We wish we could reproduce his excellent presentation for you, but you\’ll just have to attend one of his classes at SLU to experience it!
The students listening in fascination to Professor Pretila\’s talk! 
Serious thinking going on. From left to right: Sr. Mary Rose (Lufkin), Sr. Maria Teresa (Summit), Sr. Mary Dominic (Lufkin), Sr. Mary of Jesus (Elmira) and Sr. Mary Thomas (Lufkin)
And the rest of us: Sr. Mary Giuse (Lufkin), Sr. Mary Francis (Farmington Hills), Sr. Marie Augustine (Lufkin), Sr. Mary Gabriel (Lufkin), Sr. Joseph Maria (Summit), Sr. Mary Amata (Summit)
You can\’t leave Texas without a souvenir! Professor Pretila seems pleased with his!
Smiling happily at the end of a FANTASTIC week of classes! You can see Professor Pretila\’s slide of Justin Martyr in the background…He will be defending his doctoral dissertation on Justin Martyr next week at SLU. We wish him well and keep him in our prayers! 
We will be bringing you more from the MTS in days to come…the second week of classes (which will be on moral theology) and our presentations from this past week. Stay tuned!

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