MTS: Psalm Presentations

Part of our Monastic Theological Studies Program is writing a paper and presenting it to the sisters. Since last year we had a class on Scripture, particularly the Psalms (which are such a huge part of our monastic life), this year we each presented an exegesis of a Psalm. We were guided along the way by Sr. Mary of Jesus from the Monastery of Mary the Queen in Elmira, NY, and she was a wonderful help to all of us!

Sr. Mary Giuse (Lufkin) presents Psalm 1
Sr. Mary Thomas (Lufkin) expounds Psalm 2
Sr. Maria Teresa (Summit) explains Psalm 4
Sr. Marie Augustine (Lufkin) talked about Psalm 5
Sr. Mary Francis (Farmington Hills) elucidates Psalm 11/12
Sr. Joseph Maria (Summit) interprets Psalm 17/18
Sr. Mary Dominic (Lufkin)  enlightened us with Psalm 18/19
Sr. Mary Gabriel (Lufkin) gave us insight into Psalm 22/23
Sr. Mary Rose (Lufkin) makes an intriguing point as she details Psalm 49/50
Sr. Mary Amata (Summit) gave a profound exposition of Psalm 50/51
In case you\’re wondering why some psalms have two numbers–no, they didn\’t do two psalms! But the numbering of the psalms varies, depending on what translation of the Bible you are using. Thus, we put both numbers, so you can look up these psalms in your Bible and hopefully pray along with us!
Many thanks to Sr. Mary of Jesus (Elmira) for coming and helping us so much, and thanks to her community for loaning her to us! We are so grateful!

One thought on “MTS: Psalm Presentations”

  1. The thought of presenting a paper on one of the psalms is daunting! There is sooo much contained in each one! I wish you had taped the presentations so that we could listen to them. (Maybe next year????) I pray the Divine Office every day and would love an interpretation of the psalms.Rosanne


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