Sr. Mary Agnes\’ Birthday: The Big 90!

On September 15, Sr. Mary Agnes turned 90! It\’s quite a milestone, so we celebrated with a party and a treat of ice cream and cake in the community room. (It actually took place on Sunday night so we were dispensed from the fast!) 
 Sr. Mary Agnes\’ cakes and ice cream, plus some treats from Trinidad brought by Sr. Mary Ann. You can see Sr. Mary Agnes\’ plate is ready to go!
Sr. Mary Agnes contemplates 90 years of life while the community sings \”Happy Birthday\”
Blowing out the candles!
The happy nonagenarian with her cake and ice cream! 
We are so blessed that Sr. Mary Agnes is such an active part of our community. She still answers letters and creates enrollments in the Guild, and keeps up with a variety of other activities, including crocheting beautiful hats and scarves and playing a fierce game of canasta! Many more years, Sr. Mary Agnes, and may God give you good health for all of them!
You can see Sr. Mary Agnes\’ 88th birthday celebration here.

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