Our Lady of La Salette

Today is the memorial of Our Lady of La Salette, the anniversary of the apparitions in France in 1846. We always celebrate this memorial for two reasons: first, the congregation of the Missionaries of La Salette were an important part of the missionary activity in Lufkin for many years, and second, Sr. Mary Veronica celebrates this day as her feast day! We are so grateful to all the La Salettes who served in Lufkin when they had a parish here, and grateful also to the La Salettes who still come to say Mass or hear confessions, particularly Fr. Maurice Linehan, MS and Fr. Ron Foshage, MS. You all have been faithful for many years, and we thank you for it! It is impossible to name here all the many wonderful La Salettes who have helped us over the years, but we remember you all in our prayers. Thank you, thank you all, and may God grant you many more years of missionary work and abundant vocations to your congregation!

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