What do nuns do at recreation?

People ask us this question all the time. We pray a lot, we work a lot, and yes, we do have time for what we call \”recreation\”–basically the chance to talk freely to each other and have a good time for about an hour twice a day. But what exactly do you do? Well, it all depends! We play games on Sunday nights. Sometimes we sit in a big circle and discuss things as a community–usually this happens when we have a guest or a new postulant and we all want to ask questions, or when the prioress or another sister has news she wants to share with the entire community. Mostly we sit around at tables in the community room and talk–that\’s a lot of fun for us, since we spend so much of the day in silence! Several of the sisters like to do handwork while they are talking…

…like Sr. Mary Jeremiah who recently completed this lovely macrame owl! We also enjoy crocheting, knitting, cross-stitch, quilling, and almost any other kind of handwork you can think of! Some sisters like to go to a corner of our community room and listen to music, and sometimes we work on puzzles. Occasionally we all go to the parlor for a visit with someone (or some people) who come to visit us, whether friends, relatives, or groups who would just like to meet the nuns! We laugh a lot, and always have a good time. It is truly \”re-creation\”–a chance to deepen our relationships with our sisters and relax after an intense day of prayer and work. We always end recreation with a special prayer to our provident God, Who has brought us all together and sustains us in our Dominican way of life. We  have much to be thankful for, and we are thankful!

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