Growing on Lotus Lane

Our monastery is located on Lotus Lane in Lufkin, TX (hence the name of this blog). However, there are no lotus plants on Lotus Lane that we know of. Recently this changed when Sr. Mary Christine brought us some lotus plants. Many of us were excited and expected them to look something like this: 

But they don\’t. They actually look like this right now: 

Yes, you can see pine needles floating in the water along with the lotus plants–that\’s how you know we\’re located in East Texas!

Still, we are not disappointed, because this whole situation can be seen as an example of God\’s working in us. From small and humble beginnings, God creates something great and beautiful in each of us–so long as we cooperate with Him in His work. Just as the lotus plants need mud and water to grow, we need humility and sometimes tears in order to flower in God\’s eyes. And we need the light of His grace to grow in holiness every day! We pray that the lotus plants will achieve their full beauty someday, but most of all we pray that each sister in our monastery–and each of the readers of this blog–will also develop and bloom with God\’s help!

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