A Live Presentation of the Stations of the Cross

Last night, we were privileged to see a live Stations of the Cross put on by the youth group from St. John the Evangelist Church in McAlester, Oklahoma. The high school students were reverent in their presentation and we were very moved by the experience. The evening began with a short, wordless presentation of the Passion story, and then moved into the stations of the cross.

The second station: Jesus accepts His cross
The twelfth station: Jesus dies on the cross 
As you can see in these pictures, the stations were presented with minimal costumes, props and lighting. The students also used youth-oriented meditations which help bring the drama of Christ\’s Passion into the lives of the young people who see and participate in the stations–and into our lives too. This group travels to different parishes each Lent to offer these stations, and choose a religious community to visit each year. We are grateful they thought of us! If you have a chance to see these stations at your parish, we encourage you to do so. Thank you so much to the pastor and students at St. John\’s for this wonderful presentation. We will always remember it!

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