Palm Sunday, 2013

We see him without the grandeur of a victory parade–without the chariots, the horsemen, the soldiers–returning triumphant in battle. The same people who now celebrate his entry into Jerusalem with palm branches will soon shout for his death, plaiting him a crown of thorns and nailing him to the wood of a tree. The vanity that once struck Qoheleth is personified in today\’s pomp and circumstance which will soon change to the greatest sacrifice that can be conceived. All things in this world are passing and will fall away–this King too will become a victim of sin\’s cruelty. Those who did not know him, did not care, will forget him in time. 
However, for those who bravely believe, who took the Lamb as their Redeemer, the end of his life was a new beginning. It would continue in the words, \”Do this in remembrance of me\”. St. John Mary Vianney once said that the savior comes to us still as he did on that fateful day of procession with palms. He lives–meekly, humbly, a King giving himself in poverty, coming under the form of bread and wine. It is our task to welcome him, to cast down our palm branches sincerely, and welcome him into our lives to reign there with the peace that surpasses understanding.

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