Questions Answered

In this occasional series, we\’d like to answer some questions which come up. If you have a question, feel free to ask! 

Q: How did you come up with the title of this blog? 

A: There are actually two answers to this question. First, the simple one. Our address is 1501 Lotus Lane so we are, in fact, living Dominican life on Lotus Lane. Now the more complicated one. Many years ago the sister who does most of the writing for this blog was assigned the task of creating and writing and printing a little newsletter for prospective vocations. Since she was in the novitiate at the time, she called it \”Novitiate News\”. Maybe not the most original title, but it got the point across. Fast forward a few years. The sister in question graduated from the novitiate but was asked to keep writing her little newsletter. Since she was out of the novitiate and no longer had full access what was happening there (those of you familiar with religious life know that the professed sisters and novitiate sisters lead very separate lives despite their close proximity otherwise), she decided to call the revised publication \”Life on Lotus Lane\”. In 2010, we started this blog and of course there was the question of what to call it. \”Life on Lotus Lane\” was suggested but rejected. But, someone queried, what if we call it \”Dominican Life on Lotus Lane\”? Somehow that name stuck. And it seems to be working. 
Q: Are there any actual lotus flowers on Lotus Lane? 
A: If there are, they are not on our property. We have tried to grow them, but conditions have never been favorable. We\’re not sure about the rest of Lotus Lane as it is actually a rather long street. Anything is possible.
You can leave a question in the comments section or email it to us. Our email address is on our website.

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