Making the Top 100 List…

We got an email yesterday telling us that this site chose our blog as one of the top 100 blogs by Catholic nuns and sisters. A lot of thoughts ran through our minds…mostly curiosity and bewilderment…but we decided to check out the site and it looks OK. Actually, it looks like a pretty interesting site if you\’re interested in Catholic dating–which we aren\’t personally, but we have no objections to people dating–unless you\’re a young woman and you think God might be calling you to the cloister! But since they include a list of nun blogs on their website, they seem to be open to all kinds of vocations, which is great. By the way, if you want to see our blog on the list…open the link above and keep scrolling, scrolling, scrolling…we\’re #100. Seriously. But we\’re in some good company among the bloggers. There\’s a link to our blog and even a little screenshot. Thanks!

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