Visiting Friars, Summer 2013: Fr. Austin Green, OP

We promised to let you know about some of our visiting friars, and finally we\’re able to do so! 
Our first visiting friar this summer was Fr. Marty Iott, OP, a great preacher and really nice man who stayed with us several days. We took a picture of him with some of the sisters but for some unknown reason the picture wouldn\’t show up on the computer–and hence, it won\’t appear here. Possibly a problem with our card? Anyway, he is supposed to return in July and we hope to get a picture of him then!
We do have a picture of our second visiting friar, Fr. Austin Green, OP.
 Father is 93 years old and still going strong! He celebrated Mass and had Benediction for us every day, and even joined us in the outside chapel for many hours of the Divine Office and for adoration of the Blessed Sacrament. Father is a wonderful preacher. We all enjoyed his humble and moving homilies. We did have to make some small adaptations in our chapel to make things easier for him, but Father has a range of motion many younger men (and women!) would envy. One thing will suffice: he can genuflect beautifully! Father is currently stationed at St. Anthony of Padua Priory in New Orleans, LA. If God wills, perhaps he will return some day! Thanks to Fr. Art Kirwin, OP who acted as his \”travel agent\” and Fr. Marty Iott, OP who picked Father Austin up at the airport and brought him to Lufkin. And thanks to Father Austin Green, for a great two weeks! We certainly enjoyed having you with us!

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