End of the First Week of MTS, 2013

We\’ve made it to the end of our first week of the Monastic Theological Studies Program for 2013! We are sorry to say goodbye to Fr. John Vidmar, OP, but we hope he will return to our monastery for some other presentation some time! He gave us an excellent overview of Church History that leaves us wanting to study more. 
Fr. Vidmar with the students in our traditional pose. Note Sr. Mary of Jesus (Elmira) at the far right, who acted as coordinator for our seminar again this year and did such a wonderful job! 
And these are the remaining presentations: 
Sr. Mary Francis (Farmington Hills) was all smiles as she presented her paper on St. Jerome
Sr. Mary Dominic (Lufkin) presented her paper on St. Leo the Great
Sr. Marie Augustine (Lufkin)  chose–who else but St. Augustine? She did a wonderful job!
And Sr. Mary Rose (Lufkin) concluded this week\’s presentations with her paper on St. John of Damascus.
Many thanks to all the sisters who did such hard work this past year for presenting their papers and bravely receiving the questions and comments of their fellow sisters! We look forward to next week, when the sisters will present papers on controversial topics in moral theology, and it seems we will have classes this weekend on a different topic as well…keep watching for more news!

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