MTS 2013: The Second Week

We actually started on Saturday, due to our professors\’ schedule, so it\’s been a very intense weekend! We\’ll be bringing you updates from our classes and other adventures over the next few days, as well as our presentations.
Our professors for this second week of classes were Teodora and Margherita Rossi, who teach at the Angelicum in Rome. Teodora teaches moral theology and Margherita specializes in St. Thomas Aquinas. This was perfect for us as we decided to have a disputatio, just as they did in the middle ages!
Dr. Teodora explaining why we need disputed questions and the disputatio
 Dr. Margherita details the disputed question in the middle ages. Interestingly, for her presentation she used PowerPoint, while Teodora (discussing the modern era) used the old-fashioned chalk and board!
Dr. Teodora lectures while the students take notes
The ten students were assigned to two teams by a simple method: we all wrote our names down, and Sr. Mary Jeremiah drew them at random! After we were assigned to the teams, Sister drew to see which side would take the \”pro\” position and which would take the \”con\”. We also drew to see which team would present the determinatio
Drawing to see who will take which side in the disputed question
As always, we had a lot of fun doing it!
More to come! Keep watching this blog!

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