Last Look at MTS Program, 2013

This year brought us to the conclusion of a four-year trial of the Monastic Theological Studies Program. We are so happy to say the trial was a success and the program will be repeated starting next year with a new group of nun-students! Stay tuned to find out when and where!
And now, a few last images from this year\’s program!
As if bananas weren\’t enough…some of the intrepid students used a rare bit of free time to shell kidney beans that Sr. Marie Augustine grew in her garden! They listened to some fun African music while they worked…a true \”bean party\”!
Sr. Joseph Maria (Summit), Sr. Maria Teresa (Summit) and Sr. Mary Francis (Farmington Hills) relaxing and checking out the blog! 
Sr. Maria Teresa (Summit) caught a lizard in the Gate Parlor (where we had classes)! She released him alive after this picture!
One night we called Summit monastery using Skype–a technology never used before in Lufkin. The computer was still connected to the projector so we had quite a view of the sisters in Summit\’s community room.
Each MTS sister received a small diploma and other neat items from Sr. Mary Jeremiah (Lufkin), the coordinator of the program, and Sr. Mary of Jesus (Elmira), who graciously served as a tutor for the students two years running. 
And the students had a little surprise for Sr. Mary Jeremiah, too!
Sister received many cute gifts, including a beautiful candle from Summit (they make them at the monastery in addition to their awesome soap line), a Texas potholder, a rosary, and other good things. She is holding the card from all the students, which everyone signed. We are so grateful to Sr. Mary Jeremiah and the Association Formation Committee for making this a wonderful program these past four years! Thank you for everything!

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