MTS Moral Theology Presentations

It\’s been busy around here, but we wanted to bring you the MTS presentations! Each sister discussed a controversial moral topic, presenting it in the style of St. Thomas Aquinas\’ Summa theologiae.

Sr. Mary Rose (Lufkin) considers the morality of birth control vs. natural family planning
 Sr. Mary Francis (Farmington Hills) spoke on whether abortion can be morally acceptable
Sr. Mary Thomas (Lufkin) discussed whether same-sex marriages can be recognized by the Church
 Sr. Maria Teresa (Summit) gave an eye-opening presentation on gender identity disorder, with a great PowerPoint presentation.
Sr. Mary Gabriel (Lufkin) was happy to finish her presentation on the morality of the death penalty
Sr. Mary Dominic (Lufkin) talked about assisted suicide and euthanasia
And Sr. Mary Giuse (Lufkin) ended on a positive note by discussing the possibility of friendship with God.
We had some of the best discussions we\’ve ever had in our years of the MTS program on these topics, and it was a beneficial learning experience for all the sisters.  We have all grown so much in our communication skills as we tried to present the fruits of our study over these past four years. Wea re deeply grateful for all these opportunities, and we know the next edition of MTS will be just as good–if not even better!

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