Questions Answered: October Edition

In this occasional series, we answer questions that come up. If you have a question you\’d like to ask, feel free!
 Q: You all seem to have a lot of speakers and people giving talks at the monastery. Is that usual? 
A: Well, we actually have had more than we usually do in a short span of time. Our Association of Monasteries of Nuns of the Order of Preachers in the United States sponsors two programs we\’ve been participating in: the Monastic Theological Studies Program (which was held here at our monastery in late July-early August) and the Ongoing Formation program, which brings speakers on various topics to the monasteries. We have had two Ongoing Formation speakers this year, one in August and one just recently in October. We also had our annual retreat in October (guest retreat master for that) and we are expecting another person to come and give us some classes in November.  It just happened that way. But we do go through stretches without all this excitement!
Q: Do you continue your regular schedule of Mass and Liturgy of the Hours while you have guests, retreat, et cetera?
A: Absolutely. We might have to make some small adjustments in the schedule, but we don\’t omit anything.  
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