All Saints, 2013

What do you think heaven will be like? Some of us may have a rather static notion of heaven–a place where you sit still forever, \”being good\”. Pretty boring! In this picture Fra Angelico (a Dominican blessed, in addition to being a great artist!) depicts heaven as a kind of dance, where saints and angels join in both movement and conversation, always inviting the newcomers to come along and enjoy themselves. Heaven is perhaps more dynamic, what the Fathers of the Church referred to often as \”our true homeland\”, the place where we can most be ourselves because we will be perfectly attuned to the will of God. Today we celebrate all the saints–that is, all our beloved departed who have reached heaven, the ones we remember in Church and the ones known only to ourselves, like family and friends, and the ones known only to God. May they all intercede for us today, so that we will eventually join them in the great dance of heaven!

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