A Visit from Fr. Michael Demkovich, OP

Fr. Michael Demkovich, OP recently made a brief visit to our monastery as he drives around the United States trying to raise awareness (and financial support) for the International Dominican Foundation.

 Fr. Michael Demkovich, President of the International Dominican Foundation
The International Dominican Foundation was created to promote and support three great Dominican institutions of learning: the Ecole Biblique in Jerusalem, the Angelicum in Rome, and the Dominican Institute of Oriental Studies in Cairo. Father was delighted to learn that we have a graduate of the Angelicum in our midst–Sr. Mary Jeremiah!
Father explains the International Dominican Foundation and his ideas for the future
The International Dominican Foundation furthers Biblical research, advances theological study, and helps promote inter-religious dialogue, among other things! We encourage you to check out their website and maybe start to receive their great online newsletter here.
We are so grateful to Fr. Michael for including us in his busy itinerary. It\’s always a pleasure to see you, Father, and we are praying hard for the success of your work here and abroad!
Fr. Demkovich (behind the gate) with Sr. Mary Christine, Sr. Mary Rose, Sr. Bernadette Marie, Sr. Mary John, Sr. Mary Margaret, Sr. Mary Gabriel, Sr. Mary Lucy, and Sr. Mary Jeremiah 

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