Sr. Mary Christine\’s Silver Jubilee, Part 2

Not long ago we celebrated Sr. Mary Christine\’s silver jubilee with a community day! The entire community room was decorated like a tropical garden, and we played some fun garden-themed games in the morning.
Sr. Mary Christine posing with the winning team–note their \”gold\” medals!
And she also posed with the team who came in second–with their \”silver\” medals. (The teams were evenly divided but some of this team\’s members are not pictured!) 
In the afternoon Sr. Mary Christine opened her many jubilee gifts, both from friends and from the community. 
It\’s cute, but what IS it? (A tape dispenser shaped like a flower!)
Lots of stationery…handy for writing all those thank-you notes!
We ended the fun day by watching a documentary on the Servant of God Cardinal Francis Xavier Nguyen Van Thuan. Sr. Mary Christine actually met him once, before she entered the monastery. It was a beautiful and inspiring film which everyone enjoyed. Another wonderful celebration! We are looking forward to your golden jubilee, Sr. Mary Christine!

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