Who is Dominic?

We found this meditation (we\’re not sure who wrote it originally) and adapted it slightly to share with you…

Who is Dominic? 

A man on the move, who leaves a fixed secure abode and ventures forth in search of men and women to lead them to God. His joyous spirit and his faith are the means to persuade others to follow him. 
A preacher of the Truth, who, impelled by people\’s ignorance, proclaims the Word of God wherever he goes. 
A man steeped in Sacred Scriptures, who accepts them as God\’s message to him and who makes them the guiding principles of his life. 
A contemplative, who in meditation and serenity of heart opens himself to God and thus continually awaits His call. 
An apostle, who has both the courage to face heretics at the risk of his life, and the love to enter into dialog with them. 
A mystic, who in loving and intimate union with his suffering Master accepts the cross as the sign of a true disciple. 
On your feast day, Holy Father St. Dominic, we ask you to remember us as you intercede before God! 

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