Visiting Friars: Fr. Al Lopez, OP

Last night we were all enjoying Sunday night recreation when suddenly guests arrived! It was Fr. Al Lopez, OP, in town to preach at St. Andrew\’s parish for Food for the Poor. He was accompanied by Fr. Joe, the pastor at St. Andrew\’s. They had just finished Mass and wanted to stop by and visit–of course we were happy to have them, although it was a little late for nuns!

Fr Al Lopez with Sr. Maria Cabrini, Sr. Mary Gabriel and Sr. Mary Margaret.
Fr. Al gave us a wonderful talk on St. Rose of Lima, the topic of his doctoral dissertation and a favorite saint of his. We learned many interesting things and numerous pious legends were put to rest! Fr. Al is a Dominican of the province of St. Albert the Great (the central province) and originally hails from Tuscon, Arizona. The relative lateness of the visit reminded us of St. Dominic\’s famous late-night visit to the nuns to preach and teach, and yes, occasionally bring friars to visit, too. So Fr. Al\’s visit was definitely in keeping with Dominican tradition!

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