Novitiate Renovations

Our novitiate building is lovely…but the floor is not in good shape. This is hardly surprising, since it was installed over 40 years ago and many a novice has traversed the floor since then. As you can see…
…there are a lot of bad spots, not to mention places where tiles were replaced over the years.
But, as we read in Ecclesiastes, \”there is an appointed time for everything, and a time for every affair under the heavens\” (3:1). We are about to replace the entire floor in the novitiate! Of course, to prepare for this great event, we had to clear out stuff. A lot of stuff! All the books in our substantial novitiate library were packed away neatly and stored; all the pictures and statues and crucifixes came down. And a lot of furniture had to be removed. Some of it we could do ourselves, some was moved by our trusty workmen, and the bulk of the furniture was moved this morning by our faithful Knights of Columbus!
Arriving in the novitiate
Shelves from the novice directress\’s office
It fit through the door…just barely!
Sr. Mary John watches carefully as the Knights move a filing cabinet
Much of the furniture was moved to our Chapter Hall for the time being. 
The Knights in the Chapter Hall
Sr. Mary John and the Knights of Columbus after finishing up!
We are so grateful to the Knights for their hard work and for taking time from a busy Saturday to help us. And they plan to return and help us move everything back in, too! What a great group of Catholic men! Thank you so much for everything! 
We will keep you posted on our novitiate renovations as they continue, so be sure to check back in for updates!

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