A Visit with Mother Susan Catherine

Recently we were delighted to welcome Mother Susan Catherine, superior of the new community called the Daughters of Divine Hope, to our monastery. Mother Susan Catherine officially established this community in our home diocese of Tyler, TX in 2011 and is already preparing for the first vows of her novices! Mother Susan Catherine herself just made her final vows on September 14th of this year. We have known Mother Susan Catherine for many years and are so happy that she is following God\’s call in this way. We encourage women who may be interested in active religious life to check out her community\’s website: http://www.daughtersofdivinehope.org/mainpage.html. We wish Mother Susan Catherine and her novices all the best, and we hope they will flourish in our diocese and–who knows–elsewhere, too, as God wills! 
Mother Susan Catherine and Sr. Mary John in our large parlor. Sr. Mary John helped Mother Susan Catherine with advice on religious life in the early days of planning and establishing the Daughters of Divine Hope.

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