Sr. Mary John\’s Golden Jubilee Celebration

Sr. Mary John\’s Golden Jubilee Mass will be held on November 23, but we had the community celebration last Saturday! It was fantastic!

We started off with the jubilee song, a fun Nigerian song with new lyrics to suit the occasion. Sr. Marie Augustine played the drum. 
 Our general theme for the day was Texas–appropriate for a jubilarian who has spent all her life here in this great state! Sr. Mary Thomas provided sound effects for a funny Texas skit using the keyboard and her own natural abilities.
Sr. Mary Jeremiah sang the theme song from the movie \”Giant\” (which takes place in Texas)
Sr. Mary Gabriel acted the part of Mooch in a delightful skit based on Patrick McDonnell\’s book \”The Gift of Nothing\”, featuring characters from the cartoon strip \”Mutts\”. (OK, this has nothing to do with Texas as such, but it was really enjoyable!)
There were many more skits, acts, and displays of talent in the morning, but we must move on!
In the afternoon, we watched Sister Mary John open her many gifts. 
How cute…handmade stuffed animals created by one of our sisters! It\’s a bunny rabbit and a Piglet!
After all that celebrating, Sr. Mary John was literally doing a dance! Sr. Marie Augustine helped the festive mood by showing Sister a few African moves. 
From our hearts we thank God for Sr. Mary John\’s faithfulness to Him all these years, and for the many ways she has served God, our community, and our Dominican Order during this time. God grant you many more years, Sr. Mary John!

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