Saint Cecilia

The ancients and medievals believed that everything in the cosmos made music, sending sound waves eternally into space as planets and stars and galaxies and everything gave off a song of praise to their Maker as they whirled in an endless dance. It seems in some ways they may have been right, as musical sounds have been picked up coming from comets! This suggests a deep-seated joy in the heart of all that is, for we sing to express happiness that cannot be contained. Who ever sang when they were angry or frustrated? (Operatic arias are one exception that proves this rule.) Today we celebrate the feast of St. Cecilia, who, according to legend, \”sang to God in her heart\”. She is often pictured with an organ, although there is no evidence she played any instruments. We honor her as a martyr who faced a terrible fate but continued to sing to God in her heart, overcome by a joy that the world does not understand. We remember her as the patroness of musicians, and we remember also today that according to another saint (Hildegard of Bingen) all creation sings, except for one particular group: the devil and his minions. Let us be among those who sing with joy to God in our hearts and voices!

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