Easter Octave, 2015

It\’s been a busy week! There\’s always a lot of extra liturgy during the Easter Octave and we\’ve been trying to fit in our daily work and activities around it! But we love it! Finally we have a chance today to share some of our Easter decor.

The chapel. You can see the Pascal candle on the left! Many thanks to all our generous benefactors for the flowers.

One side of the refectory (the other side is the same, only there are windows on that side). All the decorations were donated over the years by generous benefactors and we thank them! (We made the banners, though!) 

The center of the refectory! The novitiate constructed an \”Easter mountain\” somehow and highlighted it with Easter flowers and a spotlight (you can see the shadow on the wall!). They also used this classic banner made some years ago but still a favorite. In case you can\’t read it, it says \”Worthy is the Lamb\”. Amen! Alleluia!
We hope you are enjoying a blessed Easter season and remember, it lasts until May 24th, Pentecost! So celebrate! Christ is risen!!

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