The Novitiate "Peepscake"

Our novitiate is always busy doing something fun! Today our two postulants, with Sr. Mary Rose (our novice directress) made a scrumptious two-layer chocolate cake, decorated with chocolate chips and Peeps.

 The cake was baked this morning, and during noon recreation we decorated it.
Icing it carefully…
More icing? Definitely!
Setting the Peeps on the top…the trick is to leave them stuck together.
Each chocolate chip was placed in just the right spot! You can see our inspiration in the lower left hand corner–Sr. Mary Rose found this great idea in the April 2015 issue of Guideposts magazine!
 And the finished product–a lovely sunflower Peeps cake! It\’s almost too pretty to eat, but after all, we have these pictures to remember it by! Yum!
From left to right: Sr. Mary Gabriel, Cloe, Sr. Mary Rose, and Lesley

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