Questions Answered: July Edition

Q: Y\’all haven\’t posted anything in quite a while. Is everything OK?
A: Yes, we\’re fine! We\’ve just been really, really busy. And the sister who generally oversees this blog had to get a new computer, so she\’s been trying to switch over from Mac to PC. It\’s a long story we\’re not going to go into, but actually things are going very smoothly there and everywhere else.
Q: Did you have a good 4th of July?
A: Yes. We had a delightful picnic along with our traditional flag raising. We played all kinds of games and had a wonderful free day. Some readers may recall that we didn\’t celebrate the 4th of July (which is Independence Day in the U.S. for those who may not know) last year due to the death of a sister on July 3. So this was an extra special time, not only of remembering the freedom we enjoy as a nation but also remembering this sister and the special gift she was to us.
Q: Anything interesting coming up that may appear on the blog?
A: Definitely! We hope you will keep checking back and we promise to be more timely about posting in the days and weeks to come! 

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