Ongoing Formation with Fr. Marcos Ramos, OP

As you may know, Fr. Marcos Ramos, OP is our current monastery chaplain. This summer he has graciously taken some time to give classes to our novitiate sisters (and those in the professed community who are able to come). The classes are on patristics (the Fathers of the Church) and we are really enjoying them. Father is an excellent teacher!
Fr. Marcos lectures in the novitiate community room while Sr. Mary Giuse listens closely
So far, we\’ve discussed Ignatius of Antioch, Polycarp, Clement, and the Protoevangelium of James. Father\’s lectures are very interesting, and we enjoy his use of various audio-visual helps too (that is to say, he sometimes shows videos–always welcome in class!). Father plans many fascinating topics to come, and he has suggested the class will last at least until Advent. We are fortunate to have this opportunity! Thank you, Fr. Marcos, for taking this time to instruct your sisters and helping them grow in their knowledge and love of God!¬†

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