A Sweet Treat

We\’ve been having some computer issues (which hopefully are all resolved) and this has been delaying some of our planned posts. Even though this event happened about a week ago, we still want to post it as it\’s been quite a while since we showed some of the sisters just having fun. And actually we have a lot of fun!

One of our benefactors gave us a sweet treat for St. Dominic\’s day…milkshakes! We all enjoyed them so much and this afternoon treat really added to the joy of the day.

  Left to right: Sr. Miriam. Sr. Mary Thomas, Sr. Bernadette Marie, Sr. Mary Giuse, Sr.Maria Cabrini, Sr. Mary Dominic. We also received a beautiful coffee table book with pictures of Pope Francis and the Vatican, which some of the sisters are perusing here. 

Working on the puzzle while enjoying a milkshake! Left to right: Cloe, Sr. Mary Christine, Sr. Mary Margaret, Sr. Mary John
Sr. Mary Gabriel and Sr. Mary Annunciata fixing up their milkshakes with extra whipped cream and a cherry on top!

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