Visiting Friars: Fr. Michael Monshau, OP

Fr. Michael Monshau, OP gave us a fantastic leadership workshop last week! We learned all about the different kinds of servant leadership and how to apply their values to our life, important because although we only have one prioress, everyone leads in some way–or tries to be a good follower, This point was movingly illustrated through the film \”Interrupted Lives\”, about Catholic religious sisters trying to survive under Communism,  which Father showed at the beginning of the workshop. 

Fr, Monshau lecturing
We also learned about the virtues needed to be a good leader. These were naturally taken from St. Thomas Aquinas. With Dominicans, it always seems to come back to the virtues according to St. Thomas Aquinas!
Fr, Monshau spent more time away from the podium than behind it! He is very dynamic!
We also really enjoyed Fr. Monshau\’s wonderful homilies at Mass. He is a truly gifted preacher.We were fortunate to have him preach on the solemnity of St. Dominic, when he concelebrated Mass with our chaplain, Fr. Marcos Ramos, OP. Thank you so much for your time with us, Fr. Michael! 

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