Monastery Decorations

We recently added some decoration to the monastery in the form of some Dominican plaques which were given to us! Two are made of granite and were installed outside on the breezeway, and the other is a marble square from the chapel of our Dominican monastery in Camden, NJ which had to close a while back. Each of our new decorations has a meaning which goes beyond simply being attractive (although we think they are very nice!). 
Sr. Mary Rose is standing next to the first, an image of St. Dominic, the founder of the Dominican Order. He holds a walking staff (in the shape of a cross) in one hand and assorted books and scrolls in the other. He seems to be silently encouraging us to walk forward and onward, guided by the Cross and carrying the intellectual treasures that will help to renew the Church in our time. 
Meanwhile, on the other side of the breezeway, Cloe is standing besides a plaque that has a prayer to St. Dominic written on it. This reminds us of the need to pray always–and to ask for our holy father St. Dominic\’s intercession, which we know to be powerful!
Just outside the doors of our chapel, Sr. Mary Rose and Cloe stand by this marble square with a cross on it. This brings many images and ideas to mind, but we would like to remember especially the many years of service and prayer and love that our sisters in Camden, NJ dedicated at their monastery. 
We have many other reminders and images on our walls here at the monastery–hopefully we can bring you some more pictures of these! Many thanks to our friends who donated the plaques and helped us put them up! 

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