Visiting Friars: Fr. Jorge Rativa, OP

We had a pleasant surprise this afternoon…Fr. Jorge Rativa, OP, the socius and vicar provincial of our Dominican province of St. Martin de Porres (aka the southern province) stopped by with a member of the Dominican Laity, Sandy Sanchez. They had just been giving a retreat in Houston and wanted to come by and meet the nuns before returning to their home in New Orleans! Lufkin is not actually on the way from Houston to New Orleans, so we like to think Fr. Jorge and Sandy just wanted to come and meet us. And it was a truly delightful visit! Several of us crowded into Peace Parlor (it\’s supposed to hold about five nuns, but we managed to squeeze in eight) and of course Fr. Jorge and Sandy had plenty of room on their side of the enclosure. Naturally we got a picture of the happy event: 
Sr. Maria Guadalupe (standing), Sandy Sanchez, OP, Fr. Jorge Rativa, OP, and Sr. Mary Rose and Sr. Mary Giuse (kneeling)
Our visit was only supposed to last a short time but easily stretched into an hour. We had to say goodbye when the bell rang for Rosary and Midafternoon Prayer. However, we are hoping to see Fr. Jorge again soon…details will most likely come in the weeks ahead! 
We are always so happy to welcome members of our Dominican family here at the monastery! If you are in the area, please feel free to stop by and visit with us! Actually, we welcome everyone to our monastery–not just Dominicans. Our monastery and chapel are \”a house of prayer for all peoples\” (Isaiah 56:7). If you are visiting Lufkin you are welcome to come in the chapel and pray…or just sit outside and pray. We look forward to seeing you! 

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