St. Louis Bertrand Surprise!

Yesterday, October 9, was the feast of St. Louis Bertrand–a Dominican saint who is the patron of novice masters and novice mistresses. Accordingly, the novitiate had a little party during noon recreation, where they played a fun Dominican themed game designed by our postulant Cloe. But as they say–wait, there\’s more! When the novitiate sisters went to evening recreation, a big surprise awaited them! Sr. Mary Gabriel wheeled in a large dolly containing three large boxes, all wrapped and festooned with bows. Sr. Mary Rose and our two sisters in formation (Sr. Bernadette Marie and Cloe) opened them with great joy. 
Cloe, Sr. Mary Rose, and Sr. Bernadette Marie opening the packages while the professed sisters look on.
To the surprise and delight of the novitiate, it was a set of the Ante-Nicene and Nicene Fathers! This is a venerable series of books that contain writings of the Fathers of the Church from the first centuries of the Church. The professed have an older version of this series in their library and the novitiate sisters had to borrow them when they needed them, but now they have their own set! These are especially useful since the novitiate (and others) are still having a class in patristics (that is, the study of the Fathers of the Church). What a wonderful surprise and excellent gift! Thank you so much!!
 Cloe, Sr. Mary Rose, and Sr. Bernadette Marie with a few of the many volumes the novitiate library has now acquired. 

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