Fall Picnic Fun!

Every year around Columbus Day we have our big fall picnic. This is not to be confused with our Fourth of July Picnic, which is always held on the 4th of July when it is too hot to go outside and do anything. No, the Fall Picnic Day is a day for getting out and exploring the farthest bounds of our extensive property–while doing a lot of snacking and picnicking too!

Much of the community gathered for the flag raising 
Cloe raises the flag, assisted by Sr. Mary Gabriel
An intrepid group of sisters prepare to go on an adventure in the golf cart. Sr. Mary Gabriel (with red ribbon on hat), Sr. Mary John (in sunglasses), Sr. Mary Regina (passenger) and Sr. Mary Margaret (driving)
The wild side of the monastery grounds
Driving through a tree-lined path
 Meanwhile, the novitiate sisters tried a different path…through the door in the wall!
 Cloe poses atop our old pedestal, from the front of the monastery grounds
An easier route was taken back, with a pause to pray before our statue of Mary. 
 In the evening, we played some card games. The canasta table! Sr. Mary Jeremiah, Sr. Mary Sybillina, Sr. Mary Margaret, Sr. Mary Regina 
And in this corner…Rummikub! Sr. Maria Guadalupe, Sr. Maria Cabrini, Sr. Bernadette Marie, and Sr. Marie Augustine. Looks like Sr. Maria Cabrini just won!
It was a great, relaxing day…now it\’s back to work!! We thank God for all His many blessings which make such beautiful days possible!

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