Dominican Jubilee Preparations!

On Saturday, November 7, 2015, the Dominican Order will open its 800th year jubilee! There will be special celebrations at all the Dominican houses–including our monastery! We welcome you to join us for Mass at 10:30 AM this Saturday. You can also visit our monastery any time during the Jubilee celebration (which lasts until January 21, 2017!) and receive a plenary indulgence by fulfilling the usual requirements (see the official documents here.) 
In addition to preparing for the Mass (which includes the Jubilee Hymn–you can hear and see it here) we\’ve been decorating our lobby and outside area. Here are some candid shots!
Sr. Mary Rose, Cloe, and Sr. Mary Gabriel hard at work making a collage of Dominican martyrs
Sr. Mary Rose, Cloe and Sr. Mary Thomas with the finished product!
Cloe, Sr. Mary Thomas and Sr. Mary Gabriel with another creation–Dominicans saints on display!
Sr. Mary Jeremiah puts up a poster of Saints Dominic and Catherine in the lobby
We almost never go outside to the front of the monastery…so if you\’ve been to the monastery lately, you know this isn\’t a new garden. But we saw it for the first time today and were very impressed! Many thanks to Sr. Mary Christine for her endless creativity!
Please keep us in your prayers as we enter into this Jubilee celebration! We will be remembering you in our prayers, too! 

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