Before God For the World — 2

The text from Exodus 17 which we quoted in our previous post clearly reveals the unconquerable strength and importance of prayer, the beauty of knowing that God looks over us, and is always ready to intervene, to take us by the hand to guide and support us with His strength, tenderness and fidelity.

Prayer is a light that encourages us so that the weariness, darkness, monotony does not hinder us because the goal is too beautiful. To stop and turn back on our prayer journey is a sad mistake. It deprives us of the joy of success where the effort is really worthy it. We should begin anew with determination not to turn back, dreaming of the joy of arrival, of knowing, \”I did it!\” With wonder and astonishment we ask ourselves: how was it possible?

The Father\’s hand held you,
His infinite love sustained you
step by step.

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