Before God for the World – 3

The journey of prayer is never made alone. There is no room for fear, and if a moment of discouragement does come, it is prayer itself that invites us to see with God\’s eyes the reality, the beauty of life. If night comes, prayer always gives way to a new dawn full of light, colors, promises and unbelievable beauty.

God is the \”Sun\” that rises with resplendent rays warming the heart and mind. It causes to spring forth from within the depths of ourselves, a new life that turns our graze toward the heights to seek the light, the wind.

The soul seeks the infinite. She seeks the God who created her, sustains her life, guards and accompanies her like a mother cares for her child.

Could a mother forget her child? …
 Even if she should forget, I will never forget you.
Isaiah 49:15

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