Easter Raffle

For a number of years we have been holding a yearly raffle of some of our hand-made treasures. At the moment we cannot post pictures of the prizes on our web site due to some technology problems. But, we did want to share them with you, so we have posted them below. If you have not received our raffle tickets and you want to enter, just send us your name, address and telephone number. We will write out 6 tickets for you. It is not necessary to send money to enter.

The big drawing will be at our evening recreation on Easter, April 16.

1st prize – cross-stitch of the Face of Christ

2nd prize – embroidered tablecloth


3rd prize – cross-stitch of raccoons and home-made frame

4th prize – crocheted afghan

5th prize – creative art piece

6th prize – giant stuffed Teddy Bear
There will also be several other smaller prizes.
Join the fun!!

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