Before God for the World – 4

Those who have left all things to follow Jesus more closely encounter Him in prayer. We meet Him in a special way in intercessory prayer for all of humanity, for those who suffer, who weep, who die.

In Eucharistic Adoration, contemplating His Face with the eyes of pure Faith, we receive the greatest, most beautiful gift. He does not give us words or things, miracles or extraordinary graces, but an awareness of His Presence.


 The presence of Jesus is the joy that surpasses all the joys of this world.

Our duty, our vocation, \”before God for the world\”, is of divine beauty. It is great because it asks us to love the entire human race. It is a gift and grace because as we draw closer to God, He invites us to embrace all our brothers and sisters scattered throughout the world.
Everything is a grace! 
We pray that your personal relationship with Jesus will deepen throughout this Lenten Season.

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