Raffle Re-visited

Last week several of the nuns were busy phoning, packing, mailing and distributing the prizes to our 2017 raffle winners. Most of them live in other states, such as Virginia or Minnesota. But we have two who are quite close.

The giant Teddy Bear, made from scratch, was won by a woman here in Lufkin. Janice Ann, who writes a weekly column, \”Janice Ann\’s Journal\” in The Lufkin Daily News. She has grandchildren that will enjoy playing with \”her\”. Janice Ann came over one night and together we named the Bear \”Annie\” after Janice Ann\’s mother.

Our last prize to award went to a cousin of our Sister Mary Veronica. She is pictured here with her brother John (in the background) and Lonnie holds the raccoon cross-stitch and homemade frame. Lonnie enjoyed receiving the picture because as he said, \”I used to hunt lots of coons when I was young.\”


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