Visitors Galore

This past week we received several groups who came to visit our monastery and learn about our way of life. On Tuesday, the Choir from St. Patrick\’s School came and offered us a concert of almost a dozen songs. They provide the music for the school\’s weekly Friday Mass. The students ranged from 3rd to 8th grade. They were quite impressive …… correct key, tremendous tone and awesome articulation. After they sang for us, we had a delightful visit in which they asked us many interesting questions.

Then, the next day on Wednesday, the second and third graders came for a visit. They were so well behaved and also asked us many questions… once they got started. They principal joined the students with her husband and precious new baby girl. Actually, one of the older students was also hers. It was a wonderful visit. When the Houston Dominican Sisters taught at the School they used to bring their students every year, but after the Sisters retired, we haven\’t seen the children. So this was a double treat to renew acquaintances.

Perhaps a future vocation??


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