RB at TT

A Dominican friend of the Monastery of many years, Father R. B. Williams, OP, filled in for our chaplain, Fr. Marcos Ramos, OP, for a few days last week. He took the opportunity to give the community two lectures: the first, on itinerant preaching, and the second, on the Blessed Virgin Mary. Father is a full-time itinerant preacher, giving parish missions and retreats throughout the United States. He also works in campus ministry at Texas Tech University in Lubbock TX, where the Dominican Friars have charge of St. Elizabeth University Parish.

For Father R.B.\’s visit this time, he sported a TT beanie that he wore most of the time. For some reason we did not get a photo of it, but it looks more or less like the one below. Father\’s wasn\’t red, but a green-gray color, and he liked to fold up the back so it looked like a cap.

Six months after the official approbation of the Order in 1217, St. Dominic dispersed the original 16 brethren to the university centers of Europe. After 800 years, the Dominican connection to the university remains strong. Besides Texas Tech, the Southern Province Friars serve as professors, chaplains, campus ministers or in research at:

Friars are also at the Oblate School of Theology in San Antonio TX and Aquinas Institute of Theology in St. Louis MO.

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