A Day Late…

We are a day late wishing all our women readers a Happy Mother\’s Day – physical, spiritual, potential. All of you were in our prayers. We had a special day, filled with flowers and joy. Below you can see our original Infant Jesus statue brought down from Detroit on the foundation in 1945. Notice all the \”Easter Lilies\”.

You, too, can have a yard full of lilies. It\’s very simple. Just save your Easter lilies, or those from your church. After they have bloomed, plant them outside in the flower bed or at the base of a tree. They will grow, reproduce and bloom–all on their own–for years to come!

We even had flowers we could eat. Some of the nuns made strawberries covered with white chocolate. They were decorated to look like roses. We had enough for both dinner and supper. Delicious!

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