The Lord has given them food…

Periodically we have someone come to speak to us about nutrition. The title of this post comes from Evening prayer on February 8. They were very striking and appropriate words because we had just come from an hour long session with Amy Wright, Registered Dietitian and Certified Diabetes Educator.

There was an instant bond between the community and Amy, and her mother, Nancy, who also joined us. The Sisters were full of questions and so we hope to have Amy return for a follow-up presentation.

At the end of Amy\’s talk, Nancy wanted to leave us with a gift of her own. We had a few moments of prayer and Nancy sang a beautiful worship song. Nancy not only has a beautiful voice, but directs an interdenominational choir in Jasper, a town about 55 miles southeast of us. A member of her choir happens to be one of our confessors, Father Ron Fosage, MS. Father is the pastor of St. Michael Church in Jasper; he is one of those people everyone seems to love.

We praise the Lord for these two new vibrant Christians in our lives.

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