May is for Mary

Today is the first day of May and we begin our special community devotions to Mary for all our relatives, friends, and benefactors, and their intentions.

Every evening we stop our recreation period 5 minutes early and line up by twos in the hall. When the prioress gives the signal we begin our procession to a special statue of Our Lady outside. As we process, the chantresses intone to Litany of Loretto to Mary. We gather around the statue and when the Litany is finished we conclude with a prayer. We end the month of May with a crowning of Mary made by a Sister in the Novitiate and sometimes a special hymn.

Those large pink flowers on either side of Our Lady are begonias. They are usually medium to small flowers, but these are a special variety and are huge, the size of roses.

There are usually special flowers around the Statue which we call, \”Our Lady of the Pines\”. But, you might recognize it as the statue that St. Therese said smiled at her when she was very sick as a child.

May this new month bring you many beautiful blessings!

One thought on “May is for Mary”

  1. I have wonderful memories of May Processions in my Catholic school. May crowing every day. Today is the Birthday on my grandmother Camelia. (Mom’s mother). And to make May even better I turn 70 on the last day of May!


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